Chipped Glass Balustrade

Well, if you remember from my last update, my friends and I stayed at a house over the weekend and we smashed their glass table top. The table was a family heirloom and extremely expensive, and we got into a lot of trouble because of it. We were tasked with paying for the new table and glazier to come and do the repairs, and it was really a dark spot on a fantastic weekend.

Well, the owner of the house called me yesterday and apparently we also put a big crack in the glass of their staircase. I obviously wasn’t in a position to refute this based on our track record and how inebriated we were during our time at their house. I apologised profusely and told him that we would sort it out, which means finding someone who can fix glass balustrades. Melbourne glaziers should be able to do it, although we’ll probably have to pay more due to how far away it is. None of us have enough money for this, but we really don’t have a choice. 

When I was chatting with the owner, he said that he was happy with the repairs to his glass table. He said he will be giving us a bad rating as tenants, but he will write a note saying that we step up when responsibility requires and own up to our mistakes. I’m guessing we’ll never be able to book through this company again, but it’s a nice gesture. 

Update: the glazier visited the house again today and he said that to fix the glass balustrades he would need to do a glass replacement of a whole panel. I guess it makes sense. I don’t know why I thought they could just patch up the little chip and be on their way. Apparently that’s not how glass is repaired. We’ll never visit a house that has a lot of glass again.