Through the Eye of a Glazier

glass balustrades MelbourneI think I have a greater connection to characters than most playwrights, and I’ll tell you why. So many plays are written on fantastical subjects, featuring dramatic folks just like the writers doing dramatic things. There are certainly working folks featured in plays and musicals, but often in supporting roles, and dare I say…not really portrayed correctly.

Whereas I? I have based my writings around ordinary working folk, very unlike myself. I understand ALL people, which I do believe makes my characters superior. To wit, I think I’d like my next musical based around another such worker. Maybe a plumber or glazier. No, wait…I’ve always admired the work of glaziers, especially their elegant creations of things like glass balustrades. Oh, they are certainly functional, as with most glass products. But they straddle that delicate line between art and function that so many strive for in their homes. Long have I dreamed of replacing many of the objects in my home with glass alternatives: glass sinks, a frosted glass door, and of course, a glass balustrade lining the way to the upstairs world.

I should be able to insert my personal passion into the project, crafting a glazier protagonist with a true passion for their craft. Doubtless there are many glaziers in Melbourne with that exact profile; perhaps I could arrange a meeting. My exuberance is not in question, but the process of glass replacement? I’ve had little use for it myself. Unlike many artists, I tend to drown my sorrows in the consumption of unhealthy food rather than violently throwing objects around the room, and potentially breaking windows. However, that WOULD leave many of my angrier playwright colleagues with knowledge of some quality glaziers within Melbourne. I shall have to ask them.