Game design on the side

IGame design courses Melbourne’m one of those people who always needs to be learning something new. I can never just be satisfied where I am, I need to be moving forward, learning some new skill or way of doing something. The problem with that is that I only really ever like to learn the basics. That sounds bad, it’s not that I lose focus or anything like that, but I find that most of the time, the basics are enough. Just a quick ‘how to blank 101’ is good enough for me. Then, if it turns out I really like it, I can always learn more.

Anyway, the other day I was talking to a friend of mine who’s taking this wicked video game design course in Melbourne. He used to be one of those crazy hardcore gamer types but in recent times he’s gotten way into all those indie games. The more creative stuff, which – as regular readers of my blog will know – is my jam, has kind of gotten me interested in the whole field.

There’s no way I’d describe myself as a ‘gamer’ (you can get way too much hate on the internet if you’re a woman going down that path) but I’ve been known to dabble here and there. Seeing as I just finished learning the basic origami techniques and I’ve been looking for a new hobby to take up, I thought it might be pretty cool to do a game design course. I wouldn’t do anything too high brow or technical, but maybe just get some of the basics behind designing your own game down. Just for a bit of fun on the side. Who knows? Maybe some time in the future I might come up with a kick-butt idea for an epic indie game, but for now it just sounds like an opportunity to be creative in a whole new way.