Make up artist wanted

Hey peeps,

tafe makeup coursesI’m looking for a makeup artist for my upcoming play. It’s an indie theatre production that we’re planning on putting on in an abandoned church. I’m recruiting mostly students as I can’t afford to pay you in cash, however you will be well-imbursed for your generous voluntary hours with invaluable work experience and of course, a magical experience that you can take away with you for the rest of your life.

So I’m calling out to all students who are taking make up courses near brisbane. Our play is a totally artist-run production free from the perversions of capitalist sponsorship which water-down the arts into something blandly palatable only to middle-class baby boomers or, as I like to call them, the zombie class. No, our play is pushing the limits, not just of social taboos and mores but also of creative expression. We’re all about transgressing into higher states of conscious creations, a spiritually-infused artistic, movement, you know?

I know this is a bit in depth for a classified blog post but I think it’s important that I explain the nature of the play so that we’re attracting the right crew for the job. So while this call out is for all pursuing beauty therapy tafe courses, it is not for sundry. We don’t want any wannabe or money-hungry panderers to mainstream arts, media or corporate interests, we want true artists committed to the cause of pure artistic expression, the creation of the new for the sake of love, life and the interests of the human race.

Anyone who is interested, please email me your portfolio of work. I’m looking for innovation, here, so I don’t want to see any wedding photos or pre-club selfies. Give me your best work. Give me the weird, the wild and the wonderful.

Only successful applicants will be contacted