My Newest Welding Self-Insert

marine weldingI’ve spent so long conducting dance troupes that I’ve forgotten the joys of the dance myself. I suppose that’s what happens when you move into the upper echelons of society; you have to take on the leadership roles, deal with that paperwork, direct people instead of being directed. It comes with its own rewards, but also, its own burdens.

I say this because I’ve seriously considered writing a character in my play for me to portray, and I’m wondering if that’s egotistical. Probably, but that’s never stopped me before! See, the opening number was missing a bit of something, with the tree loppers and mortgage folks bouncing off each other. Then I thought…of course! The tree loppers have no one in their rough-and-tumble industry to act s rivals! Enter Melbourne’s marine welding industry, the roughest and toughest of the lot who’ll go to great lengths to get you that quality weld and certainly don’t mind burning off their fingertips with a blowtorch if it means the job gets done.

They’re the perfect addition to the opening number, with the tree loppers against the welders despite their varying industry. I suppose there are SOME similarities…like, Justin the head lopper is big into welding in his spare time, as he tells us in the solo number My Spare Time. Maybe he can have a long and checkered history with marine welding, only quitting after his skills were being judged by his more competent workmates and it’s haunted him ever since. That’s why he welds, even though he himself doesn’t know it. Deep down, he wants to take up marine welding once more. It’s in his blood, in his hands, in his dreams.

Yes! This gives Justin the perfect motivation, which before entirely revolved around wanting to lop trees because a fallen tree trunk destroyed his go-kart when he was a child. His past is shady and intertwined with rod holders and snapper racks. And also my character, Alexei…if I have the time to work him in.