The horror of makeup travesties

eyebrow tattooingAs a creative spirit, I like to think that I have a sense of taste. I always like to say, ‘Aesthetics are the spice of life.’ A sense of beauty matters in all aspects of modern society, not just in self-presentation but in work and in the public sphere (I mean, who wants to work in an ugly cement hole-in-the-wall or a filthy polluted city?) No, everyone has a sense of taste, but most people haven’t discovered it yet… especially when it comes to makeup.

Sometimes I’ll come across a person and wonder, why? I know it sounds judgmental, and maybe it is, but i just think, ‘If you can’t do it right, don’t’ do it at all.’ Some people do such a terrible job of applying their faces that they’d honestly look better without any makeup at all. To use artistic terminology, some people go al fresco with their makeup applied impasto when they’d be better off going au naturel!

I have one word for you people: subtlety. If you’re going to draw on your eyebrows, don’t put it on in a heavy brown line! It works against your aim of looking beautiful and towards the goal of triggering comedy. I mean, are you taking makeup lessons from the Sunday comics? Okay, facetiousness aside, I have some serious insider tips from a woman of aesthetic sentiment. Search for eyebrow tattooing around Melbourne and get a professional to enhance your brows. They can create a subtle and realistic effect with permanent eyebrows.

Frankly, there’s so much more to be said on this topic, but I’m going to keep this post short and save more juicy hints for next time. For now, get out there and check out those cosmetic tattooing clinics Melbourne has, and stay tuned for more beauty advice from someone who ought to know: an artiste!