The World’s First Finance Musical

financesI can tell you, and I’m telling you now, this has to be my greatest challenge yet. Mm, this is a field yet to be cracked by anyone, and how often can you say that in this world full of people? Not often, that’s the thing. So much of my art has fallen through the cracks because of this silly overpopulation problem, but this will be the one.

Think about it…what do people love? They’ll ALWAYS love houses and owning houses. It’s the great dream, both Australian and American, and possibly more. Thus, my latest musical will be entitled Solicitor Dreams, and it’ll focus on a group of Melbourne solicitors who are getting tired of seeing other people achieve that housing dream and want to set out on adventures off their own. Basically, the whole thing will be set during a single work day, and in between clients they’ll be having vivid fantasies about the places they’d like to travel, people they’d like to meet, time periods they’d love to visit…depending on the person, and how imaginative they are. And then they’ll snap back to their regular conveyancing and soliciting duties, because that’s their jam. It’s how they roll. And I hope the audience can see that these people really do love their jobs, but seeing all that happiness is a bit of a strain at times.

Now, all I need are some killer musical numbers. My favourite character at the moment is called Cathy, and she secretly just wants to go on a cruise, meet Alan Alda and marry him on the luxury deck while the fireworks are going off. In fact, her romance with Alan Alda will be the central love story, so I need a big, rousing number. Maybe I’ll call it And I Will Always Love Alan Alda, or maybe I’m Not Gonna Write You a Love Song, Alan Alda, or Saving All My Love for Alan Alda. Or Slave to Love, and also Alan Alda.

Gee, conveyancing and settlement is a hard mind to crack into…