Will Hunt

Why must my father insist on playing such games? Even after his death, he requires me to jump through hoops and perform tasks for him, just to get my inheritance. You know, he once bought a house for me but made me travel to Transylvania just to get the deed. The requirements he has put on me getting my inheritance aren’t quite as absurd, but it is still going to take a ridiculous amount of work. I have a life, you know? I’ve got parties to go to, video games to play and places to travel to. Can’t he just give me the several billion dollars, like a normal dad?

But no, my father wants me to experience the world, or at least Victoria. I don’t know why a successful businessman such as my father would want his son to speak to the pitiful common folk, but he has commanded me to visit several mechanics around the state before I get my inheritance, starting with a mechanic near Ringwood. Obviously, I would refuse to cooperate with this silly game of my father’s, but unfortunately, I don’t have a penny to my name. Simply put, I desperately need that money, so I’ll do it. I’ve tried to see if there’s a legal loophole I can take, but the will he made is airtight. Damn you, William Hunter Sr!

Well, I guess I’m due for some log book servicing. Ringwood sounds like as good a place to get it as anywhere else. Not sure how I’m going to pay for it, but the will says that everything has been taken care of. So I guess I’ll just show up and tell them who I am. 

Things can never be simple with my father. I guess when you spend your entire life being rich, you realise that you can do whatever you want. My father never had to work a day in his life, so I guess he had no idea how difficult this would be for me.

– Will Hunter