A Bit of Time Off, for Luck

Lorne beach apartmentIt’s time for a sabbatical, I’ve decided. I wouldn’t usually take time off this close to a musical unveiling, but things are going surprisingly well, for a change! It’s been tough to reach this point, and the disasters have been many. However, I’m working under the principle that my luck has long since run out, and so it must have reset by now. That’s how luck works; it reaches rock bottom, and then blasts right back up to the top, very much unlike a credit card.

Hopefully I won’t dwell on all the roadblocks while I’m away. Like how the set recently caught fire and we had to pay even more than it was originally to have a new one built because their materials were already spent.

Not thinking about it! Just going to find myself a Lorne beach apartment, like I do every few years ago when I manage to tear myself away from my work, and it’ll all be okay. Just…rest and meditation, while my luck fully recharges. I know, we theatre folk are superstitious, but I have a pretty good handle by now on how this whole luck thing works. You have to leave whatever you’re working on- at this point, my premier musical- and come back after a couple of weeks when you’re absolutely sure that all the negative energies have dispersed.

No, I don’t have any proof, except for all those years working in the industry that have PROVED everything I just said. That’s right, I’ve seen it all, and retreating to my Lorne accommodation might be the only way to clear out my bad luck cache for good. Though I feel like the incident where four people in the same day twisted their ankles may have seen it plummet to the bottom. And thus, to the top.