Boats vs Boats

Can I call in sick to work, so I can sit at home and watch esports all day? I consider this addiction I have to be a medical issue, in that I feel a slight nausea at the thought of going to work and missing it happening live.

I can’t help it: the Over-Botch League is SO GOOD. All these people competing within their different professions, and ever-changing meta, and I have my favourites, of course. The #3 player at the moment, Storm_Silence, is playing as a taxidermist, a very unconventional choice that he’s making working anyway. Watching him is poetry. The chat always goes wild.

Of course, the big event of the week is Anchor_Master vs BlackbeardYarr, because they’re both training to join an outboard motor repairs company in Melbourne, and this could be really big for them. The patches regarding boat repairs, anchor winches, all of that stuff, they’ve been pretty relentless over the past few months. You can now service boats almost exactly like you do in real life, which makes me think that someone on the dev teams like his boating. Maybe got himself a few outboard motor services and thought…this needs to be in the game. And now it is.

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched two trained motor service people battling it out to do the very best motor services possible, in front of over a hundred-thousand people, but it’s the best thing ever. And watching live is just the absolute bomb, but I can’t always do that, because I’m at work, and work is not quite that interesting. And holding my phone under the desk is unsatisfying.

I just have to sit at my desk trying to work, thinking about the best anchor winch repairs being pulled off before a chat going totally wild…and I’m not watching. I mean, there are VODs, but that’s just not the same…