Through the Window

I’m going to make an entire musical about glass tinting and frosting! This is a huge shift at this point in my project, but my previous musical concerning scaffolding went so amazingly well, I feel like there’s both passion on my part and demand on the part of the audience. The working folk deserve their time in the limelight…almost literally. 

I’m not usually taken by sequels, but I do think that this warrants one, because we left things at quite the cliffhanger in our last musical. Perhaps the office window tinting services in Melbourne are how Jason the Trades-person manages to return from the other, parallel, mirror dimension by way of window tinting, because tinted windows have always been portals to other dimensions but we’ve never really noticed. 

There could be a song about it! Well, there will be songs about most things, but sitting alone in my kitchen this morning, I was conjuring up the lyrics and part of the score for the opening number. It’s going to be called ‘A Window Darkly’, and it’ll bring back all the characters from the previous musical in a big number where we jump back and forth between the mirror universe and our own to see how they’re doing and what they’re up to in life, and the transition will be heralded by…a tinted window, spinning, twirling, swirling! That’ll be a subtle introduction to the main plot, in which Jason starts tinting windows and suddenly finds himself at the forefront of an alien invasion from the frosted window dimension.

It will be very relatable to the struggles of the everyday worker. Also a rousing endorsement for frosted window glass and commercial window tinting, especially when the end reveals that that aliens were just…hmm, shouldn’t reveal too much online. If this one takes off like the last, I should be avoiding spoilers.