Flying Roses

We reached the airport after about an hour of driving on the busy freeway, ready to transport the world’s last flowers back to Melbourne. Veronica took the lead, heading toward the front doors. A security guard stopped us there, then gave me a hard time about being a bee. Veronica managed to steer the conversation away by asking if we could get some help transporting these flowers onto our flight. He was happy enough to arrange for it, thankfully having not heard about the flower heist we’d just completed.

“You’ve got a lot of roses here,” the guard said as the luggage vehicle took them toward the plane. “Got any climbing roses for sale? My wife loves those.” We explained to him that we couldn’t give any roses away, because they were for an important, secret mission.

From there, we were able to board our plane without any issues. We sat around for a while, playing games as our flight took off. Only one hour until we reached Melbourne. I couldn’t wait to get my hive involved so that we could pollinate all the flowers in Victoria. “Do you think the flowers will be okay? Some of them are the best hybrid tea roses in the world.”

Veronica rolled her eyes. “Benny, they’re the only hybrid tea roses in the world. I’m sure they’ll be fine. Don’t worry, this is totally going to work.”

She’s probably right, but I can’t help feeling that something is going to go horribly wrong. I’m trying to distract myself by writing this blog post, but it’s not really working. What if the cargo falls out of the plane and we lose all the flowers? That would be a disaster. 

Uh oh, the plane just lurched. Something tells me this isn’t regular turbulence. We’d better go see what’s wrong and whether we can do anything to help! I can’t let the flowers be damaged or lost on this flight.

– Benedict the Blogging Bee