Solar Energy Bet

I’ve made a bet with my friends and I really want to win it. For some reason, they think that solar energy isn’t strong enough to power a whole house, let alone to fry an egg. They think solar energy is a myth. They think that they’ll make the switch and realise that they’ve been conned. They couldn’t be more wrong, and I want to prove that to them. 

I’m going to do everything that I can to give them the solar energy information that they need to be convinced that solar energy isn’t a scam and then, I’m going to fry an egg using solar energy and win $100. 

I’ve been doing a lot of research on solar energy and science experiments. By the sounds of it, it’ll be really easy and I’ll win my bet. Winning my bet is obviously awesome, but the real aim of this experiment is to convince my friends to use solar energy and help me save the planet. Whilst they’re still using your stock-standard nuclear energy, they are single-handedly helping to kill the planet, which devastates me. They care about the planet too but they just don’t believe in solar energy, for some unknown reason. 

I think once I win the bet I’m also going to make them enter into a solar lease agreement that locks them into using solar energy for the next five years or something. I know you’re not supposed to change the goalposts after you’ve won a bet, but it’s seriously for their own good. And the good of the planet, as I keep saying.

I’ll update you all once the bet is over. I’m about to do my first test run of frying an egg. According to all these videos I’ve watched, I should have it nailed by my third attempt. Here’s to solar energy, winning a bet and saving the planet!