Helping dad with planning the carpet cleaning

carpet steam cleaningWhen my parents asked me to find the best carpet cleaning company in Melbourne, I had honestly no idea where to begin. I had a look through the local directories, coming across numerous residential carpet cleaners in Melbourne, I just didn’t know which one to go with. I decided to use a more modern method of searching, and jumped on my computer. I pulled up the search page while my father was in the kitchen preparing lunch.

I looked a lot of different tile and grout cleaning companies that were nearby. As my father cut up the salad, he explained to me why he wanted to find a reputable cleaning company and what he had planned for the renovations. It was just my dad and I living in the house as mother was overseas. A lot of people assumed that my father wasn’t interested in keeping the house and grounds looking nice, but the truth was, my father was run off his feet. With owning his own business and being a single father, it couldn’t have been easy. I stumbled across a website that claimed to have the best carpet steam cleaning Melbourne has to offer, I became very excited. Dad had wanted the best cleaner and I was confident that this company would do a great job.

I spent some time having a look at everything they provided their customers. I started reading some of the information out to my father. Dad listened intently as I spoke of the carpet cleaners that were displayed on the website. Appearing behind me, my father handed me a cheese sandwich and thanked me for helping him out. My father is the best, seriously. I wrote down the phone number for the place and put it on the counter for him to deal with later. I’d done my father proud, and I couldn’t have been happier.