Kitchen Mishap

We had been planning our trip to Melbourne for a while. We wanted a combination of sightseeing and relaxing so we went for a pretty nice hotel, hoping that if we wanted to stay in now and again it wouldn’t feel too cramped. When we arrived it was perfect, we were met with welcome drinks and shown to our room which was more like an apartment! We decided to freshen up and then head out into the city for a late lunch. I must have been in the shower for about two minutes when the water started coming out erratically and eventually stopped altogether. I called  down to reception and they furiously apologised and explained they had just had the kitchen renovators in the week before but they obviously had missed a trick with the plumbing. 

I was on the verge of being difficult as we are paying a lot for the room and it should really come without problems but accidents happen and they immediately offered us a nicer suite with no extra charge and threw in free room service. It doesn’t bother me when mistakes are made as long as they are admitted to and made up for. In this case, it certainly was. The next day we saw the kitchen design company working on our old room, turns out a pipe hadn’t been connected properly. I had got used to our new bigger room and I was scared they were going to make us move back. However, quite the opposite, they said we could stay in the nicer room and if we had the possibility to stay longer we could have an additional night free of charge. Don’t mind if we do, it wasn’t a problem to change our flights by an extra day and we were returning over the weekend anyway so need to take more time off work. That broken shower turned out to be the best thing that happened to us all week!