Couples need Agent

They say when couples fight, it shows that they really care about each other. Well, that’s a load of baloney. I’ve had a wife for years, from way back when we were in university. We like the same sports, watch the same shows, practically live at each other’s houses growing up. After we knew we’d be going to the same uni, we became roommates, and our friendship continued.

We were just two people who were best friends, so really, our arguments never got any higher than squabbles. Until we started dating.

You see we’re studying the property market to try and find a house that is environmentally friendly to buy. We’ve employed the services of the best buyers agent Melbourne has to offer in order to help us find the dream.

My partner is desperate to find one of them that is developing environmentally friendly homes in Melbourne and beyond. I thought we knew everything about one another, but I was completely unaware she would take it this seriously.

Anyway, I sort of made an offhand comment about how the planet would take care of itself, and maybe I mentioned that Earth Day was a waste of time. Well, that was the nuclear bomb right there. He pretty much went up in figurative flames, telling me that I was wrong and that it was people like me who were going to ruin the planet for everyone else. He seemed to realise after a few minutes, and quietened down.

But now…well, we’ve never fought like that before, so neither of us know how to deal with it. I tried learning a bit more about what she did at uni, and tried to start a conversation about property advocates in Melbourne. I didn’t know all that much, but I tried. And failed. How do we move on from here? Will the buyers agent ever find a house that is environmentally friendly enough for my partner?