Public Showings, Very Important

hairdresser David JonesI LOVE events. Events are basically my life, as evidenced by the fact that my entire living is based around putting them on and drawing a crowd. However, I don’t discriminate between stage and party venue: anything that lets me get dressed up a bit is definitely something I cannot miss.

Last night was the Annual DuMesque Outdoor Film Marathon, and I found myself a wonderful hair salon in David Jones to really give me the perfect evening look. It was rather stunning, if I do say so myself, and multiple people made comments. And even when most of the event was dark!

For you see, in my profession, one cannot afford to be slovenly. I know plenty of writer/directors who are happy to show up a rehearsals wearing jumpers and caps, without a single thing done to their hair. One time I even saw one of them wearing running shoes…the less said about that, the better. Of course, everyone scrubs up for opening night, all the way to the  after party, but that’s not good enough for me. I think the director has to display a certain style and poise for the entire time the play is on, and while it may be cumbersome on some occasions to fix up hair and button up what needs buttoning up as one leaves the house, I think it projects an air of authority. You are the director, your word is law, and they have to be told. It is the way…of things.

Of course, major events are when I turn to the salon. I spent a couple of hours in there last opening night, even though my hair is particularly long. But then, everyone looks at the director. It’s their job to appear in control, even if the nerves are tearing them apart inside. I carry it off well, although now that I’ve found a hairdresser in David Jones who plays calming music, perhaps I’ll be spending more time in there. I’ve come to associate long hair appointments with stress, which isn’t at all healthy.