Showing Off via Kitchen Design

custom kitchen MelbourneThere’s beauty in everything, except maybe looking after rabbits. I did that once for my sister while she and her husband went away to Aruba for a refresher honeymoon. What could be so bad about looking after rabbits, I said? They’re small, fluffy and they don’t even want to spend too much time about their cage. No…not at all. They just leave droppings absolutely everywhere, cleaning out their cage every day is a pain, and there just ends up being straw and sawdust absolutely everywhere. Rabbits just aren’t worth it, and I shudder to think of working with them on the stage.

But everything else? Totally beautiful, in its own way. As a creative sort, I naturally aspire to make my living space reflect my mental state. What I’m talking about is a need for award winning kitchen design, which I was reminded of by a visit to Jennifer Galosh’s garden party. She’s quite the big name in the playwright world, just released quite a lovely musical exploring the perspective workers rights in the story of ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’. It’s all about an intense battle with the Elven government over worker’s rights and dental coverage. I enjoyed it, although some of the songs were a bit forgettable.

Doesn’t matter…the main thing I’m talking about is that Jennifer had amazing kitchen designers. You had to walk through her kitchen to get to the garden, and it was disgustingly nice. It was like she was sending a clear message of her success, via kitchen design magnificence.

And now, I’m trying to convince myself to dig into the savings and get the same thing. I keep walking into the kitchen, looking around and wondering what it would look like if I was able to complete my custom kitchen. Melbourne is not the kind of place you can simply put up with old and outdated kitchen design, no sir. Better is best, obviously. Once I get this sorted out I will be the one hosting garden parties. My music is just superior anyway.