Return of the ice queen

ice skating at kids birthday party venueI did a stint performing on a cruise ship. It was a figure skating show and I played a cursed princess who was destined to skate out the rest of her days, bound to the ice unless the curse was broken. It was fun for a week but honestly after the 6th performance I had started to go a little crazy. As times have been tough recently in the big city I decided to look into some job openings. My last screenplay didn’t quite take off as I had hoped so the old bank account was a little low. When I saw an ad for an ice skating performer for kids birthday parties I applied straight away. Kids party venues range from the park to an ice rink to a laser tag arena. I had been an entertainer for many birthdays throughout my time so this should be no problem. I could even resurrect the old cursed ice skater routine. Apparently the venue attracted kids of all ages and they even run adult parties, I am happy to perform for whoever will watch. I would need to dust off the old skates as they asked me to go in and do a trial performance. It shouldn’t be a problem, dance school kept me pretty limber and I figure the kids would be too busy getting jazzes up on sugar and running around to pay attention to my form during my spins. It surprised me just how popular the ice rink was considering the amount of available party venues. Melbourne is a very family friendly city so keeping the kids happy is big business. I invested in a new fairy princess outfit for the routine and performed a land version for my sisters kids who absolutely loved it and are now begging her for an ice skating party because I told them about the gig.