To Leave a Legacy…

willWhat legacy will I leave upon the world? What legacy will we ALL leave upon the world??

Sorry for being all dramatic there, but that’s just how I live life. I’m dramatic several times before breakfast, and that’s just a warm up. But still, it’s a question I’ve been asking a bit recently. I really do want to leave my mark, and I’m further ahead in life than most people when it comes to such matters. I’ve crafted so many beautiful things, left a trail of magnificence in my wake…but still, nothing physical. One of my earliest acting roles in Melbourne was as a probate, a cerebral profession dedicated to guiding people to the realisation that they cannot take anything with them to the great beyond (not even shoes) and that they must relinquish their possessions to the ones they love. At least, that was the calling of my character. Personally, I didn’t think the role in the script did justice to the profession, given that it called for me to be sallow and unfeeling, dressed all in black and unsympathetic to a grieving family.

Surely actual estate planning lawyers have depth and compassion, because they deal with such gravitas on a daily basis. I love that word…gravitas. If I had to sum up my entire life’s work and legacy in one word, it would be this one: gravitas. Say it to yourself. Feel how it rolls off the tongue. Savour its exotic but strangely familiar tastes. When I get round to making a will, that’s what will be in the title: The Last Will and Testament of Aubrey, and a Flowery Explanation of this Incredible Life Story, to Be Read at the Funeral…with Gravitas. I’ll have to choose an actor I trust, although it could well be decades so I’ll have to update frequently as they fall in and out of my favour. Oh, I’m sure I’ll find some estate planning lawyers in Melbourne who’ll understand my need for edits!