Studio city

horse shed

Okay, so it’s taken a lot of work and a heck of a lot of convincing but I think I might finally have convinced my parents to get me a studio … of sorts. I’ve always been I guess what you could call a ‘creative-type’. I’ve more or less lived and breathed art since I was a child, and with a sculptor mum I was never short of inspiration. I’m serious, you should have seen the company she kept way back in the early nineties – it was crazy! A couple of her friends from those days all pitched in to buy a property a bit of a way out of Sydney, a kind of artists retreat I guess, but the house itself has been tiny and cluttered with artistic junk for years, so people, including my mum, all have their own studios and stuff built up there. Sheds, caravans, that kind of thing. And, for my twenty-first, mum convinced the official landowners up there to let me have a shed of my own. I find the city can get crazy crowded and I never have enough room to just spread out and express myself, so this is going to be awesome.

Not far from the property is this place that sells horse barns in Tamworth. It’s funny, I would never have even thought of going to Tamworth to look at sheds and barns and that type of thing, but it was in Tamworth that mum found the caravan she has on the property. There was a nice continuity to me going there too. So we looked at normal sheds and commercial sheds and even granny flats in Tamworth until I found something I liked the look of. It was perfect, with enough room to either paint or sculpt, dance or sew. Now I just can’t wait to use it.