The Internet…On Stage!!!

internetOhh, sometimes I just hate being absolutely brilliant! I have too many things going on, you see. Too many ideas flowing through my beautiful brain, and not enough time to unleash them all upon an undeserving world. Still, I do what I can with my days, and thanks to that ancient Albajerian meditation candle that I was given by a cast member of my last show, I only have to breathe in the fumes seven times daily and I can exist on as little as three hours of sleep. More time for brilliance!

So, this is a show about people who go inside the internet…and there will be fight scenes, and music, and a finale that will turn everything the audience knows about the internet and technology upside down, on its head, topsy turvy, kaboom, over. I know a few people around Melbourne and Moorabin who do website design, and I’m going to be working with them closely to bring this epic to the big…stage. In fact, I might be even more excited about this one than about my previous project, if you can believe it.

So, first it’ll be in the real world. All will be well, and terribly normal. Then, the music begins, signalling that the audience will be taken on a journey. Perhaps I’ll have an omniscient narrator, acting as a graphic designer or a person who does logo design. Someone not overly obtrusive, but still strangely mystical. He’ll introduce the big cast number that sets the scene: Bo-Screen-Ian Rhapsody. I’m thinking it’ll be a multi-part song with differing styles. Operatic, hard rock, all of that. Afterwards, the audience will be treated to an audio-visual presentation that will use modern technology to its fullest, drawing them into the story and leaving them at the end with a new appreciation of Melbourne’s custom website builders and all they do to light up our lives with their beautiful aesthetic designs. And then we’ll close with the showstopper, sung by the main character: John Screen-Ya, pro-wrestler and tech wiz. Marvellous.