TV Antenna Man Fight Choreography

TV antennaI have a lot of personal projects on the go at any one time, because I can’t really do much about the endless streams of creativity that pour from my brain every waking minute. Still, duties often call…and others have use of me. I suppose at times I must deign to grant my skills to lesser projects.

Some filmmakers who I respect are making a Melbourne-based production about a man who gains superpowers from a radar dish incident, and he uses them to fight crime. Something about having enhances senses and tapping into TV signals…not based on a true story, obviously. But still, I hear they’ve interviewed actual Melbourne TV antenna repair folks to get the actual full picture, even though the actual antenna repair isn’t going to be a huge part of the film. They’d like me to do the fight choreography. The tricky part here is that this satellite dish radar man, or whatever his superhero name will be, can shift into the television and fight digital enemies. It’s not like any project I’ve ever encountered before, but I’ve been promised the script and a full run-down of the villainous characters very soon, so undoubtedly I’ll turn it into something great.

What I’m thinking is something like a big brawl in a deserted street, with TV antenna guy fighting loads of copies of the same person. He fights off a few of them at first, doing pretty well. Then more of them arrive. It’ll need a bit of CG, but I can make it work. Then, TV antenna guy will pull out an actual satellite dish, his signature weapon, and take on the entire crowd with it. And then he flies away, because it’s TV world and he can fly. Yep, pretty sure that one’s never been done before.

Gee, this is a bit off the beaten path in terms of my usual products. Maybe I need to look into my own contacts and see if I can’t chat to some Melbourne digital TV antenna people. They might know how best to use a satellite dish in combat.