The Grind Side of the Road…

treesNo, wait, hang it all, stop the presses…I’ve made my decision. There won’t be asphalt laying people outside, except to set the scene. Although I feel I got pretty far in developing their songs, I’ve suddenly had a much better idea. In fact, it’s an idea that will revolutionise the entire production: what if it was ALL about tree removal people? I’ve already moved the whole thing to Brisbane, and stump grinding is big news over there. They’re known for trees being removed, so it’ll be connecting with the culture to get in a bigger audience. Of course, the whole musical needs revising…all my conveyancer songs will have to be repurposed or shrunken to a select corner of the story.

Now, I’d like the tree removalists to be the main characters. They don’t struggle with their work, because it’s the life they chose, wiling away their days up in trees and using heavy machinery. But then, suddenly, without warning, with a sudden suddenness, abruptly, with no indication…something happens? I’m still working on that part. It’s going to be based around the big opening number, Livin’ a Tree-da Loca, a high-energy pieces about living a crazy, tree-based life. After all, you have to be a little bit crazy to want to put your life at constant risk, cutting down trees and clearing land for a job.

What am I trying to communicate? Well, my new message is that even people who seem like they have the perfect job don’t always have it all together. Sometimes it’s a case of one little life nudge (to be detailed in my award-winning piece, The Grind Side of the Road), and suddenly things are spiralling out of control. This has PROBABLY never been raised before in a musical It’ll be a gritty, ground-level piece. Just you wait, the crowds will love it. It’ll be like an expose on Brisbane’s tree felling. And all written by me. They can thank me later.