Welding, the Road Not Taken

custom snapper racksI always used to think that if I didn’t start writing plays, then I would’ve been in the marines. I spent a few years of my life in America, some formative, and I always liked the idea of enlisting. Not sure I’d quite qualify for the SAS, but maybe I could emigrate and they’d have me. And yet, I chose this path. Sometimes I still think about the roads not taken…

But not very much, except when I consider putting marines in my musicals. Actually, on the subject of marines, I was thinking of bringing a dash of the sea into my latest and greatest creation. Everyone likes boats, and they especially like boats now, for some strange reason. Sometimes you really do just have to jump on the bandwagon and do something that people love, hence why I’m thinking of writing in a new character. Maybe one who’s really into things like snapper racks, fishing rod holders and is in love with the open sea. Someone who treats their boat like a petrol-head treats their car: essentially, like a child.

This is an interesting writing exercise regardless of whether this character makes the final cut. You see, it’s sometimes good to throw in little curveballs, see how they shake up the character dynamic. How would my current protagonist react to a guy who just talks about boats all the time? Such mystery and intrigue is really what I need to give myself a boost. A creative boost. The best kind of boost there is.

And anyway, I really need to get to work on this thing before play season, otherwise I’ll miss all the deadlines and I won’t be able to find anyone who’ll act in it. If it’s going to be someone who does marine welding…well, they have to look tough. My protagonist at the moment is a workman with an identity crisis, so this could actually be the jolt he needs. A real marine welder, who spends his time fixing aluminium plate boats, sometimes underwater. Or it could be a woman…for even more interesting dynamics.