DIY gone wrong

timber window replacementsAt the moment I’m really addicted to Pentrest. I go through phases, one week I won’t even give it a second glance, the next I’ll be penning like a crazy person and refreshing the feed every few minutes to see if something new has come up. Why? Well, apart from being your classic artistic type who’s just after a nice aesthetic, I’m also a chronic DIYer. Pentrest makes me believe I can make the change myself, I don’t need anybody else. And the more creative (and therefore difficult) the DIY, the more I challenge myself to do it. I just can’t seem to help it. I’m one of those people that takes everything as a bit of a competition.

Anyway, sometime last night whilst on a late night Pentrest binge, I came across a pretty neat hack for a timber window repair job. The window in my living area has been really dodgy for ages and I’ve been meaning to get around to calling someone about it, but as usual, it’s just been pushed repetitively to the back of my to-do list. So when I saw the article, I knew it was a match made in heaven.

So as not to start a project at 1am, I decided to wait to DIY it over the weekend. The anticipation was killing me, but I knew I was making the right decision. On Sunday, I got all everything I needed together, put on a smock, and made the first move … when disaster struck. This amazing hack that was going to save me time, money, and look pretty, was a lie. The frame split all the way up and is completely wrecked. I took something liveable and destroyed it. I hate it when this happens. So, long story short, now I need someone who does window replacements in Melbourne. Lucky me.