Eyebrow tattooing for creative types

eyebrow tattooingI’ve always wanted to have cosmetic treatments done but I’ve been worried that it would take too long to get back into everyday life. Like for example, if I had lip fillers or lip injections, then my face would be puffy for a few days and I’d be too ashamed to go out in public. I probably won’t get lip injections though, not for a few years, because my lips are okay for now. I can tell they’re getting thinner though and I’ll need to plump them up when I get older.

Anyway, I ended up getting laser hair removal in Bendigo. It was hardly painful at all which was amazing cos I have the worst pain tolerance ever. But, I was worried I’d get really red after the treatment and I’d be too embarrassed to go out dancing that night. Putting your creative life on hold for cosmetic treatments is not ideal, it’s quite depressing really. The lady at the clinic told me the redness would fade in a few hours (she turned out to be right) but I was still super paranoid so I went out and bought some skin coloured stocking to cover up the redness and that did the trick. Even though I was sweating a bit more than usual while dancing!

Okay so my red legs were easy to cover up, but how am I going to conceal the redness from eyebrow tattooing? Near Bendigo, where I live, the clinician said that the redness fades within the next day or so, depending on your skin type, but I can’t wait that long because I have something on every day of the week. I’ve got my martial arts and my drawing classes, and when I’m not doing creative things I’m socialising with friends. I think I’m going to have to go out and buy some good quality foundation to put on the red eyebrows. Hopefully no one will notice the redness underneath.